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Mon 27 Dec 2010 0:00
till Thu 30 Dec 2010 0:00
CCC conference 2010
BCC Berlin,Germany
some going to berlin, some staying in

Group ticket presale reservation



[edit] what's happening in the space those days

not all ppl go to berlin; what's the plans?


[edit] Participants

Nick Car Appartment Comments Arrival Departure
Xflame Will drive Yes Sure to come 26/12 30/12
Hans will lift Yes Sure to come 26/12 don't know yet
Sandb train/own car/airplane? Yes Sure to come 26/12 don't know yet
agnez train have a place Sure to come 26/12 02/01
ptr_ will lift yep Sure to come 26/12 +05/01

[edit] lodging

  • There might be an appartment but it seems allready full, ppl who were on the doodle will be contacted. If you're not on it : ask around and get lucky.
  • my sister's ex-flatmate might have space for some mattresses, she just moved and her old room is still free... i'll ask, let me know if you are interested [agnez]

[edit] things to take

  • powerplugs
  • switches
  • cables
  • accesspoint to have internet everywhere
  • Wandering Star

[edit] Transport

Car will be shared cost (Benzine [85Eur] + Sticker [15Eur]) [Total estimation : 100Eur/traject/number of persons in the car)

To Berlin:

  • Departure: 26/12 fixed, between around 12h and 16h from Brussels-Belgium
  -Seat 1: hans
  -Seat 2: ptr_
  -Seat 3: Len Sassaman
  -Seat 4: Meredith Patterson
>  Car overbooked, please travel extremely light!

From Berlin

  • Departure: 30/12 fixed, at around 18h to Brussels-Belgium
  -Seat 1: 
  -Seat 2:

[edit] Umweltplakette

just some background information about the sticker you need in Berlin and other German cities if you go there by car:

and here do you get them (could not find an English page with that info):

[edit] appartment hunt