JTAG pinout detector

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[edit] About

This code can be used in combination with an Arduino Mega in order to detect the JTAG pinout of your prefered electronic device.

[edit] Code

Code modified from EnumJTAG and Arduinull:


[edit] Arduino Mega at 3.3v

  • Use the arduino mega pins 22-43
  • jtag TAP reset before every try
  • output in tab-separated table
  • Your arduino mega should run at 3.3v, for example, by using a hacked USB cable, which forks the 5v power from the USB to inject it into the external power connector

[edit] Screenshot

Upload one here. Ptr?

Arduino mega.jpg

[edit] List of devices tested

[edit] Work

  • device 1
  • device 2
  • device 3

[edit] Does not work

  • device 1
  • device 2
  • device 3

[edit] Links

[edit] Todo

  • Port the code to an Arduino Duemilanove (total of 16 digital IO pins available -- pins 2 till 19 (analog pins 0 to 4 are usable for gpio)
  • Document the 3.3v hacked USB cable
  • Better documentation on how to use the software
  • How to upload the code with avrdude on the command line
  • PDE to HEX file conversion

[edit] Done