Python Workshop with Glue

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Python Workshop with Glue
Sun 22 Jan 2012 14:00
till Sun 22 Jan 2012 19:00
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Python Workshop
Introduction to Python programming, focused on linking stuff together.
HSB Brussels,Belgium


This will be a beginners workshop for people with basis of programming. The workshop will be focused on using Python to link different together, such as :

Stuff you need[edit]

A device running Python 2.x (version 3.x is not yet supported by all libraries).

If you are running a major Linux distribution or Mac OS X, you are good. Else, you can find the latest version on the Python website.

In order to play with the Arduino, you will need the Arduino Software, or at least the drivers for your system (not always necessary for the Arduino Uno board). Bringing an Arduino would be useful. You will also need the PySerial Python library.

A UNIX-based system and a C compiler might be useful.


Put your name here if you are coming:

U_goPythonian - Will bring 3 Arduinoyes
yigitpython&ubuntu geekif i can organize my stuff for school
julianeex C, begin in python-bring only a netbookyes (something came up)
JuegoScript kiddie HSBxl_NaM (Not a Member)yes (if allowed)=> you need to ask your parents? :-)
ErikUse it for my job and hobbyyes
ptr_i propose everybody prepares a topic; i will tell something on inotifyyes
nico I'm proposing the LibreOffice/OpenOffice bridge, but I'm interested by the C bindings yes


CherryPy tutorial and concepts :

pySerial introduction :

libreOffice/python bindings: File:OOoPython.odp.gz