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[edit] Colruyt

Drinks (by pallets of 24 cans)

Drinks (by crate of 24 bottles)

Drinks (by Pack of 6 plastic bottles)

Junk food (By box of 20 bags)

  • Bi-Fi Roll: 3
  • garbage bags (white! -- blue is still in stock)

bytenight beer!!! take some specials (orval, delirium, ...)

bytenight food: buy baguettes, ham, cheese, mayo, mustard, fake meat for veggies (N).

bytenight office : tape for sticking posters @ fosdem

[edit] Clabots

  • Drill bits (0,? -> 4 mm)
  • Dremel
  • Screwdriver set (ph2-ph1-ph0, pz2-pz1-pz0, flat (~2 mm-4 mm)

[edit] Electronics (Elak/MB Tronics/...)

  • Jumper wires (female - female)
  • Jumper wires (male - male)
  • Jumper wires (female - male)