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09:06, 31 January 2013ByteNight13.pdf (file)9.53 MBSaschaNow with addresses3
19:42, 30 January 2013Bytenight-flyer-13.pdf (file)248 KBSaschaFlyers for the ByteNight event 20131
00:00, 15 November 2012Transposable Blues Scale Small.png (file)50 KBSascha 2
23:52, 12 November 2012Blues scale blue notes.png (file)17 KBSaschaUpdated to show neighbouring notes2
23:48, 12 November 2012Blues pentatonic scale.png (file)15 KBSaschaNew version with neighbouring tones2
23:43, 12 November 2012Blues scale majors.png (file)19 KBSaschaUpdated to show nearby notes2
11:23, 18 October 2012Cat Power Poster 1.pdf (file)1.43 MBSaschaHarnessing Cat Powerâ„¢ to advertise the Hackerspace1
13:21, 30 September 2012Blues progression keys 2.png (file)14 KBSaschaDominant and subdominant keys moving down on the scale. For the "Hacking the Blues" project1
23:21, 28 September 2012Blues progression keys.png (file)14 KBSaschaAlternative version because the SVG can't be displayed.1
23:14, 28 September 2012Blues progression keys.svg (file)
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21 KBSascha"plain" SVG, hopefully working better with Wikimedia...2
18:31, 3 February 2012ByteNight Over9000.png (file)66 KBSaschaDesign for FOSDEM ByteNight party poster featuring the "Over 9000" meme.1
18:28, 3 February 2012ByteNight LOLCat.png (file)61 KBSaschaDesign for FOSDEM ByteNight poster featuring a serious gamer kitten.1
18:25, 3 February 2012ByteNight Trollface.png (file)38 KBSaschaPoster for FOSDEM ByteNight featuring "Trollface"1
18:22, 3 February 2012ByteNight Duck.png (file)40 KBSaschaPoster design for FOSDEM featuring "Technologically Impaired Duck"1
18:16, 3 February 2012ByteNight Philosoraptor.png (file)56 KBSaschaPoster design (thumbnail) for FOSDEM ByteNight party1
17:53, 3 February 2012Bytenight-flyer.pdf (file)355 KBSascha2x2 flyers on A4 - for double-sided printing1
10:45, 12 January 2012ByteNight.pdf (file)4.12 MBSaschaNew posters, typos corrected.3