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The Silent Guy
.talk silent guy is silent.
chuck_norris, fs111,tazo

We run an IRC channel (see Chat) and we sometimes miss meetings in there (esp. when the TechTuesdays are crowded). To solve this problem I propose project silent guy:


[edit] What?

  • Set up a small dedicated machine in HSB w/ monitor that displays the IRC channel in the Sofa-Area (m/b give it a cool case or something?
  • hook a bot/script whatever in the channel that uses a text to speech engine and announces when somebody enters the channel or when a conversation starts

[edit] Why?

Because we can and it is fun!

[edit] Plan

  • find good IRC bot or create own thing (latter sounds like moar fun!)
  • set up machine (linux box) with monitor and put in couch area (needs speakers)
  • install stuff
  •  ????
  • profit

Contact: User:Fs111

[edit] Status

  • It works with a patched version of phenny. I send the patch upstream and it is also included in the git repo.
  • It runs on the eeepc from the BruCON HEX factor.

[edit] Git repo

If you want the code, just do a

git clone git://

[edit] Giving TheSilentGuy a nice body

A robot need a real body, here are a few ideas